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How to choose a high-end carpet?
Simply, follow your taste but take into account the dimensions of your interior as well as your budget. The important thing in choosing a high-end or collectible rug is to know that it is a work of art in its own right and that it will only get better with time.
What is the difference between a high-end rug and a collection rug?
A collector's carpet is a historical work in the history of art and decorative arts, similar to the Decorative Arts of the Arts of Islam and similar, but never similar, exist in the collections of museums such as the Louvre , the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as other prestigious museums and celebrate the innovation of their times and their weaving centers but also are often royal court carpets, like the famous and very researched carpets of the Saffavid Empire. A high-end carpet, unlike a more recent manufacture, it can however be as old, remains a handmade confection and was knotted in a prestigious workshop in a town in the Orient recognized for the excellence of its weaving comes from the innovative line of large weaving centers but command a much lower price than collection rugs which can reach record prices of up to $ 28 million at public auctions.
How long does it take to make a custom rug?
For modern rugs, it will take 3-6 months depending on the dimensions. For classic handmade rugs, several parameters are taken into account, such as the dimensions, the weaving city as well as the knots but mainly the complexity of the project site and this process can range from 6 to 18 months.

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